The Labyrinth 

If you would like to listen to this poem, tune into the multimedia recording from Radio SSU

We enter the labyrinth that is the mountain pass. 

Losing ourselves in her mystery, mastery and majesty. 

Affluent details of glacier lilies, snake grass, and fallen trunks compose the mountain. 

Her roots stem deep into the Earth's crust, 

Cradling floriferious seedlings. 

Together United and solitary. 

The youth break through the earth 

Holding hands with the Wise donned with charcoal coats. 

My gut…

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Yogurt and Canvas 

Rainy days bring about something new 

Snapshots of winter during the heat of summer. 

Today is one of those snapshots 

Slowed down by overcast, 

Low highlights 

There's no distracting, attractive glitter 

Spicing anything up. 

Today is slow and plain. 

But not in a boring kind of way. 

Plain in a yogurt sense, 

Just waiting to be mixed with the delicious fruit of the individual essense. 

Plain in a canvas sense, 

Open to possibility, potential and promise. 

Rainy days bring about something new 

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