Jacob’s songwriting has a chilled-out, earthy vibe that you can’t help but tap your foot to. Looking forward to hearing more tunes to come!”

— Calum Graham - Fingerstyle Guitarist and Songwriter

... Laid back vibes and influences drawn from the early work of Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran and Rikrok/Shaggy. The future looks good for this young songwriter. ”

— Ryan Philips - The Silkstones 


Jacob Rose

Hey everyone, I have a new song out called Agape. (It's a Greek word)
This song is about empathy, it's a call to compassion and care where we can learn to embody a type of love that is extended without conditions or strings attached.
In a world of division and isolation, I wanted this song to be a reminder of our interconnected nature.
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  1. Agape


With small-town roots and big-city energy, Jacob Rose is a singer-songwriter on the border of Indie Folk and Rock. Influenced by Jack Johnson and Amos Lee, he has carved out a unique space for his distinct lyrics and acoustic sound. With a hopeful melancholy, he explores themes of the every day, Philosophy and Empathy, and weaves them into a contemplative auditory garment.

Jacob Rose has had the privilege of supporting Leeroy Stagger, The Silkstones, Zachari Smith and many others on stage. “Marco Polo” off his debut EP was a finalist in the YYC Music Awards in Calgary in 2016. In September 2018, Rose supported Sam Roberts Band at the Big Rock Barn Burner. 

Jacob Rose will be releasing his sophomore EP featuring his latest single "Agape" in the Spring of 2020. He would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of FACTOR in bringing this project to fruition. #FACTORFunded



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