Jacob Rose is a folk-rock singer songwriter. Alberta born / New Brunswick based. Formed through rural and metropolitan roots, Jacob Rose’s songs are lyrically driven with ear catching melodies and heavier folk undertones that are heartfelt, hopeful, melancholic and gritty. A warm demeanor and powerful vocal performance allures listeners into songs written with heart.

Jacob has had the privilege of supporting seasoned performers such as Sam Roberts Band, Leeroy Stagger, Andrew Smith, Brent Mason, Zachari Smith, and others on stage. 

In 2015, Jacob Rose recorded his first E.P. titled ‘Last Another Day’ at Lake Studios (Andrew Smith) in Kelowna, BC. The song “Marco Polo” was a runner-up at the 2016 YYC Music Awards in Calgary. In 2016, Rose released The Bare Bone Sessions, a home studio project that almost burned a house down. 

Jacob Rose's follow-up EP, Can’t Hold It All was released on June 12, 2020, and recorded in Montreal with Zachari Smith. Funded in part by FACTOR and the government of Canada, Can't Hold It All managed to reflect cultural expressions in the personal surrounding a tinge of hope amid grief and powerlessness.

In 2023, Jacob Rose co-wrote and performed on the new single from Saint Andrews-based northern hillbilly-pop duo Tuckersfield, “Wharfbound”, which features ear-catching melodies and mellifluous harmonies. “Wharfbound” has garnered a strong local following and plays on CBC Radio. 

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