The Labyrinth

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We enter the labyrinth that is the mountain pass. 

Losing ourselves in her mystery, mastery and majesty. 

Affluent details of glacier lilies, snake grass, and fallen trunks compose the mountain. 

Her roots stem deep into the Earth's crust, 

Cradling floriferious seedlings. 

Together United and solitary. 

The youth break through the earth 

Holding hands with the Wise donned with charcoal coats. 

My gut cradles a stone. 

Roots puncture the face of the cliff below me. 

A pierced thorn in a Grizzly's paw. 

If the Song birds and the bees hoist it upon their backs 

And the bristlecone and birch raise their roots 

Raging rivers may erode the stone and fortify safe passage. 

All this water will flow into falls 

Where, for a split moment in time, it is completely still. 

Frozen, and joyfully kinetic. 

Rejuvenating passerbys - 

Those who dip their toes in running waters 

And those who ascend her labyrinth path.

~ May 20, 2017

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